Clever Elly™ - A Life Saving Reminder

AUD $44.00 AUD $38.00


Clever Elly™ – A Life Saving Reminder

AUD $44.00 AUD $38.00

The Clever Elly (Single Pack)
1 x Clever Elly™ for you or your significant other.

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Every summer, scenes like this play out all around the world. Lives lost, families destroyed and communities shattered. Tragic and heartbreaking; but this can be prevented.

Have you ever arrived at your destination, but can’t recall the drive there? Forget why you came into the room? Walk out and back again, and you’ll probably remember. Can’t find your keys? Retrace your steps and you’ll likely find them in the shopping bag, or your jacket pocket.

In other circumstances, these same memory lapses can have disastrous consequences. And they do, to 37 American families every summer, whose children have died after being left in the car on a sunny day.

Most of the time, these cases happen to dependable, loving parents and carers, who made a single mistake with the worst imaginable consequence.

This statistic is brutally open. This happens. A lot. In most cases to responsible parents who never imagined that this could happen to them.

We’ve designed a simple device that can be used in any car that reminds the driver to check the back seat before exiting.

We designed the Clever Elly to meet our safety requirements, while continuing to support how you use your car.

We wanted a device that doesn’t require complex installation or setup, and can be easily powered by any car’s existing features. All cars have a cigarette lighter, but they are usually occupied by cell phone or navigation system chargers. So we have built Clever Elly with a dual USB Fast Charger.

We have intentionally made it simple and inconspicuous. It is designed to live inside your car and work autonomously all the time and every time, regardless of who is driving the car and their technology competences.

The concept is simple. As soon as the car powers off, Clever Elly will issue a verbal alert to check your backseat.

Cars already sound off plenty of beeps and signals, so we knew that an explicit reminder is necessary. We also knew that people tend to eventually tune out on repeating alerts, so we’ve included ten different alerts that play at random.

With adoption of this device by many users, like you, we are aiming to show car manufacturers  how important it is to build in a simple warning into all future cars. We are hoping that such warnings will become the new standard in automotive safety, to eventually help us change our behaviours and see a drastic decline in statistics of the future.

In most cases it doesn’t even need to be complex, or costly to be effective. Yet it can save so many lives and prevent so many tragedies and near misses.

Clever Elly is an investment in building an important life-long habit.

  1. We have learned to put on a seatbelt when getting in the car.
  2. Let’s learn to check the backseat when getting out of the car.

Even if you don’t have or drive kids; checking the back seat is still a useful habit worth forming. People tend to regularly forget many important things there; laptops, handbags, umbrellas, groceries and even pets.

So next time, you find yourself at work, without lunch or laptop; think back that maybe Clever Elly would have been worth while for you.

Clever Elly will remind you to check your backseat, when you turn off your car.

It’s practical and simple, not annoying.


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