A small solution to a big problem.

"The worst thing any parent or caregiver can do is think that they could never unknowingly leave a child behind in a vehicle"

Amber Rollins – Director of KidsAndCars.org

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Preventable tragedies

Every summer, scenes like this play out all around the world. Lives lost, families destroyed and communities shattered.
Most of them could have been prevented with a timely reminder and a simple habit.

Always check the back seat before exiting.

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"This can happen to the most loving, responsible and attentive parents. Nobody is immune."

Amber Rollins - Director of KidsAndCars.org

Meet Clever Elly

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Product Features

Life-Savingly Simple.

We designed the Clever Elly™ to meet our safety requirements, while continuing to support how you use your car.

Dual USB Charger

Dual USB Charger

All cars have a cigarette lighter, but they are usually occupied by cell phone or navigation system chargers. So we have built Clever Elly™ with a dual USB Charger.

Different Reminders

Different Reminders, harder to ignore

We know people tend to eventually tune out on repeating alerts, so we’ve included ten different alerts that play at random.


Just plug it in

We wanted a device that doesn’t require complex installation or setup, Clever Elly™ can be easily powered by any car’s existing features.


Simple & Effective

CleverElly will remind you to check the back seat exactly when you are most likely to forget.

Now Compatible with ALL CARS via optional Door Sensor

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Invented by Parents

We’ve each felt the joy and burden of raising children, and the overwhelming need to keep them safe and protected.

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Discover what other parents have to say about
Clever Elly™. Explore our early reviews.

"Such a good idea"

Kenzy C. (via Facebook)

"This will save lives"

Mariah L. (via Facebook)

"I hope these devices save countless lives, so no one knows this kind of pain."

Rhonda G. (via Facebook)

"It is better to be safe than sorry"

Evan S. (via Facebook)

"We need prevention and we love our children enough to take precautions. Products like this can help."

Shannon D. (via Facebook)

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