Clever Elly

A small solution to a big problem.

Each summer, on average 37 children die from being left in hot cars.
All of these tragedies were preventable.

“The worst thing any parent or caregiver can do is
think that they could never unknowingly leave a
child behind in a vechicle”
Amber Rollins – Director of

Clever Elly

We’ve designed a simple device that can be used in any car that reminds the driver to check the back seat before exiting.

Product Features

Life-Savingly Simple.

We designed the Clever Elly to meet our safety requirements, while continuing to support how you use your car.

Harder to Ignore.

Ten different voice reminders are played at random, not another warning bell. This way you will never get used to it and will never ignore the reminder.

Just plug it in. Simple.

We wanted a device that doesn’t require complex installation or setup, and can be easily powered by any car’s existing features. All cars have a cigarette lighter, but they are usually occupied by cell phone or navigation system chargers. So we have built Clever Elly with a dual USB Fast Charger.


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Clever Elly™ is a simple device will remind you to check your backseat when you turn off your car. No setup or complex installation is required, Clever Elly™ has been designed to work with your cars existing features.

Even if you don’t have or drive kids; checking the back seat is still a useful habit worth forming. People tend to regularly forget many important things there; laptops, handbags, umbrellas, groceries and even pets.

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Our Story

Three Dads, pioneering safety.

We’ve been friends since high school, and have stood side by side while we grew from (allegedly) irritating teenagers to responsible adults. In the last seven years, we’ve each had children, and this role of fatherhood has proven the most challenging. We’ve known the extreme effects of sleep deprivation, and felt the surge of love as they fall asleep drooling on our chests. We’ve each felt the joy and burden of raising children, the overwhelming need to keep them safe and protected. 

It was during one of our discussions around things we should be terrified might happen to our kids that we came up with the idea for Clever Elly. We were all heavily invested into our respective jobs, but felt that this was too important to wait. We’ve been working on this project since that night, and we can’t wait to see Clever Elly in cars across the world, preventing tragedy.

The team behind Clever Elly

We are a small group of inventors, designers and parents on a mission to prevent tragedies and save lives.

Sluv Y.

Door Broke Dude

Alex V.

NBN Dude

Andrew O.

Tesla Dude

Every summer, scenes like this play out all around the world. Lives lost, families destroyed and communities shattered. Tragic and heartbreaking;

You can become part of the solution.


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